Mahayana Sutras in English

Rawalpindi is a city in the Potwar Plateau near Islamabad, the current capital of Pakistan. It is the military headquarters of the Pakistan Armed Forces and also served as the nation's capital while Islamabad was being constructed in the 1960s. Rawalpindi's cantonment became a major center of military power of the Raj after an arsenal was established in 1883. Britain's army elevated the city from a small town, to the third largest city in Punjab by 1921. In 1868, 9,358 people lived in the city's cantonment – by 1891, the number rose to 37,870. Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. 1 Government of Pakistan Ministry of Finance REVISED LEAVE RULES, 1980 S.R.O. 1313 (I)/80.—In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 25 of the Civil Servant Act, 1973 (LXXI of 1973), the President is pleased to make the following 2022 Murree snowstorm. On 7 January 2022, a snowstorm occurred in Murree, Rawalpindi District, Punjab, Pakistan dropping more than 4 feet (1.2 m) of snow, killing 23 domestic tourists who had visited to see the thick snow. Many died as temperatures fell to around negative 8 degrees Celsius (17.6 F). Citrus Marketing in Punjab 677 citrus exporters etc. Based on this preliminary information sampling frames for each category of sample respondents were prepared and questionnaires were refined. 91 Ravinder Kaur: Second Migration owning land and bought farmland in the commercially successful canal colonies

2022.01.16 08:07 BuddhistFirst Mahayana Sutras in English

This is a collection of various Mahayana Sutras & Agamas that are in English.

Hard Copy
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2022.01.16 08:07 artsnumeriques Demandez le programme 2022 : Agullo éditions

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2022.01.16 08:07 Academic-General1337 Fancy being in a movie directed by George Clooney that is looking for rowers?

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2022.01.16 08:07 -en- @Reuters: Djokovic absence opens Grand Slam window of opportunity

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2022.01.16 08:07 haber-trend Sıcak! | Altay, kuruluşunun 108. yılını kutluyor #AltaySK #AlsancakMustafaDenizliStadyumu #Konaktramvayı #Alanyaspor #MustafaDenizli son saatin en çok aranan 4. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 6 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2022.01.16 08:07 wxrgames Fingers turn red, blister-y, and swell in the cold - eczema, Raynaud's?

Hi there! For the past maybe 8 years my hands and specifically my fingers, have really struggled with the cold. Whenever it turns autumn/ winter, they get super red even at temps slightly below room temp and swell which makes bending them hard as well as develop some sort of blisters? At first the blisters itched a little but I've also had them without any itchiness. The only physical discomfort I feel is the coldness as well as the stiffness due to the swelling when bending my fingers. It sounds stupid but it's mainly affecting me mentally because I'm super self-conscious about how my hands look and whether people thing I have some kind of contagious rash.
When I first got it it didn't start in winter but instead summer when I was doing a lot of gardening (cutting brambles, getting pricked) so I assumed it was an allergic reaction at first. When it didn't go away after 2-3 weeks I went to the doctor and he told me it was most likely some sort of eczema and sent me on my way with a cortisone cream. The cream didn't help but it eventually went away after a few months. And then it came back once it got colder outside. I can try to keep them as warm as I can (chemical hand warmers, gloves) but it doesn't help. Once it's there warming them up doesn't make it go away - it stays throughout winter and then changes to shorter break outs in autumn and early spring. I've had it once or twice in summer but never for long so I assume it has to be cold-related?
This is what the closeup of my fingers look like: And here's a comparison of my left hand (which, interestingly, stays mainly unaffected save for some redness) and my right hand which is affected the most:
My toes look similar but with more swelling and less blister-y.
My mother has Raynaud's Syndrome but as far as I know the symptoms are mainly fingers turning white and numbness which aren't things I experience. It started when I was around 15 or 16 and I've never experienced it before - I don't even remember my hands being cold-sensitive before that? I was hoping someone else might have the same issue and an answer what it could be! (And especially if there's anything I could try or if it's something I just have to deal with)
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2022.01.16 08:07 tannicky Two from Moreton Corbet Castle, Shropshire [OC]

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2022.01.16 08:07 GrzegorzGregorczyk Question to Ganyu users

Is Ganyu worth using guarantee on ger baner? In terms of her gameplay, how fun she is or her support capabilities? I am asking about long term use, probably in morgana team.
At the moment I have 74 wishes done with 50/50, but at the end of her banner I will have another pity in primo. From future characters I consider pulling for Yae, but only becouse of her gameplay and design.
Before you ask, I have Ar 58 with other Dps like xiao, raiden or hu tao, as well as supports like mona, kazuha or qiqi. I can clear abbys with 35* so I consider Ganyu only for fun.
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2022.01.16 08:07 NCH343 Is it possible that one of my cats are pooping inside because it’s really cold out? They are really good at going out to use the bathroom.

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2022.01.16 08:07 Martin4541 Need M-cash 4000 or 2000

Please somebody recharge me M-cash for Diamond Fund 2 and 3 please
MLA ID 14362475 server id 70029
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2022.01.16 08:07 PaneczkoTron Looksmenu presets not working

So recently I've gotten into using face presets because I'm really bad at using the character creator, and sometimes when trying to load a preset the game freaks out and the face is completely distorted. Tried enabling and disabling some mods and couldn't figure it out. Thanks for your time
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2022.01.16 08:07 SpareThisOne2thPls Marvel Studios' Moon Knight | Teaser Trailer | Disney+

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2022.01.16 08:07 ShardsofNarsi1 Have you personally know anyone who's died or ever have had a potentially fatal incidence owing to cannabis overdose?

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2022.01.16 08:07 PS_Mone_83 IL A BIEN VU

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2022.01.16 08:07 -en- @Reuters: Philippines to acquire 32 new Black Hawk helicopters

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2022.01.16 08:07 Sajigae Want to start supporting a Ligue 1 team

Hello everyone. Hope you guys are having a great day and excuse my lack of French I watched almost every PSG game between 2012-2016 because i was a huge Zlatan Ibrahimovic fan. After his transfer to United I lost interest with PSG and found it hard to keep track of Ligue 1. But I have been wanting to get back into the league properly for sometime and thought it would be best if i actually picked a team rather than getting in it as a neutral I'm open to supporting any team bar PSG but these are the teams I was considering Rennes Lens Nice Montpellier Strasbourg Open to other suggestions too and would like it if you guys would mention teams which I should completely avoid and why I don't really have a criteria cause that kinda defeats the whole purpose but i guess if I were to pick something it would be ambitious club and attractive football? Also if you guys think "picking" a club is fake I completely understand. A lot of people think it should be the club which should choose you not the other way around and your point of view is completely valid. It's just that I have barely any Ligue 1 knowledge atleast since the past few years so I was hoping you guys would help me.
Thank you in advance
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2022.01.16 08:07 FightingEgg Docker Nextcloud external storage routes "traffic" over other SSD

I have a small homeserver that initially had 512GB SSD and on this drive I've installed a bunch of things with docker, one of them being Nextcloud. Now I've added 2 more SSDs 1TB each and mounted them to nextcloud via External Storage. When I'm now using Nextcloud via the browser and upload files, it seems to first temporarily write them to the 512GB SSD and then from there copies it to the external storage. I can see that by monitoring the disk activity. (didn't test uploading via the desktop app yet but i expect the same thing)
Is there a way to have nextcloud write straight to the external storage? I kinda wanna minimize the strain/balance the load that is put on my 3 drives.
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2022.01.16 08:07 alphatechaus Child of Karras' Thief soundtracks in lossless format

I think I went and got these from the man himself a few years back as otherwise I could only find the MP3 version from 2008. I've always loved these soundtracks, they're dark, ambient soundscapes that take your mind straight back to darting between shadows and creeping up on unsuspecting victims with blackjack in hand.
All files have been re-encoded in FLAC 1.3.2 and tags have been re-done for extra detail.
Thief: The Dark Project - The Golden Soundtrack Thief II: The Metal Age Soundtrack
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2022.01.16 08:07 Comprehensive_Rub896 hi can someone teach me how to pirate games on discord as I’m confused on where to start Tayloronelife#2873

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2022.01.16 08:07 PulseB0T I finished it

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2022.01.16 08:07 notanotherlurkerdude I hope when they return from the break they apologise to the micro influencer - or at least admit they were wrong.

Looking at you, Dan. "Internalized misogyny, WHAT!?"
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2022.01.16 08:07 -en- @Reuters: Philippines says 'indispensable' Suu Kyi must be involved in Myanmar peace process

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2022.01.16 08:07 tipani86 Already over 30 culinary "masterpieces" in this COVID-19 LOCKDOWN foodie project that started from one man and his family being stranded in a locked-down Chinese megacity of Xi'an, stuck between famine and celery. LOTS of celery.

Already over 30 culinary
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2022.01.16 08:07 Topdawggtv Message for more info! IPTV

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2022.01.16 08:07 zsmithworks Netanyahu negotiating plea deal in corruption trial - ABC News

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