Madison Cunningham - I Close My Eyes (Nathan Alef piano)

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2022.01.16 07:00 aphective Madison Cunningham - I Close My Eyes (Nathan Alef piano)

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2022.01.16 07:00 Former-Inspector-694 Something's up with Catherine!

And I call upon the power of us Tower Climbers to get to the top of it!
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2022.01.16 07:00 MisterJoshie More mr frog

We need way more appearances of mr frog in the future of the show, I can’t stop quoting season 45 of the mr frog show
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2022.01.16 07:00 Middle-Wrap-6954 This is my nft. Save it, if you want

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2022.01.16 07:00 javistark The purge mission, question

The purge mission, question Hello dear interloopers,
I have a whole bunch of hours on this game but I'm still a bit newbie to some stuff. I finally decided to continue with the main story and started doing a mission called The purge. This mission keep me jumping from one system to the other, getting gliphs and interacting with Atlas interfaces.
At some point I get a conversation with Null, in which it pretty much begs me to not to continue. After that I land in a new Atlas interface that is different from others. I´'m not sure what should be done here, it doesn´'t have any interaction point, only a cyrcle of some kind of monolyths and some sort of stand with a notch on it. I still have 4 missing gliphs and in the galaxy map, I stopped receiving new Atlas interface coordinates. I feel it may be related with the seed recipes I´'ve been receiving.
I'd still like to find out the solution, but any hint would be much appreciated.

In order to thank you, here is a picture of a ternary system I found that I obviously called Trisolaris.
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2022.01.16 07:00 Zyle_Zeta MA1511 Tele Group

Hi, does anyone have the link to the telegram group for MA1511?
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2022.01.16 07:00 fearofgod42069 Mom got this in Jamaica early 70s she wasn’t a tourist but a regular known by some high ranked rastas

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2022.01.16 07:00 username2179 Geopolitical borders of my untitled world

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2022.01.16 07:00 ConsistentParadox No wi-fi, at all, on my new laptop

So I just purchased an HP Pavillion Aero Laptop this one, and there is no option for wi-fi in POP_OS (there was on windows).
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.16 07:00 autr3go What name is sexy?

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Join now
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2022.01.16 07:00 tweakymuse Creepy Co-worker puts off a MAJOR Ted Bundy vibe - boss isn't concerned, and I want OUT, but I worry my loyalty's too misplaced.

I was inspired by a video I watched on TikTok last night about "toxic work environments" to write about a situation at work, and I'm really struggling with a decision.
This isn't easy for me to talk about, but since the interwebs afford me a bit of anonymity, here we are.
I work in a thrift store. I have been there for a little over a year now. Last year, 2021, was ROUGH for me, ranging from a COVID scare (I was exposed during a four-day retreat in February), to my beloved dying under VERY suspicious circumstances, in April, to apartment flooding in July, to a nasty car accident (thankfully everyone's fine, but my poor car was totaled). All this, while trying to navigate being a college student again, for the first time since 1999.
Where I work, it's pretty chill, pretty laid-back. Minimal on the KaReNs. When the store director isn't there, it's not a stressful environment...for the most part.
The issues are these:
- My apartment flooded out in July of last year. The day after it happened, I was standing in the apartment with someone from the restoration services my insurance company had sent to evaluate what happened and what to do. My phone rang and it was my boss who wanted to know if I was coming in to work. I told him I didn't know if I'd be able to, right then, explaining that someone from restoration was there with me and we were trying to sort out a game plan on what to do. Fortunately, my renter's insurance was able to put me, my elderly dog (he's 14) and my cat up in a hotel so we wouldn't be forced to stay in a ruined apartment that had mould everywhere and a broken AC, on top of everything. My landlord was ABUNDANTLY aware of everything; the AC having broken down three WEEKS prior, and then my apartment flooding... They never once offered to put me up in a hotel, which is bad mojo, but it is what it is. I've got renter's insurance, so it worked out. Anyway, so I couldn't - WOULDN'T - leave my animals in a water-logged apartment in the heat, with MOULD everywhere, so I could just move about life as if nothing happened. /shrug I had politely told him what was happening at home, that the restoration lady was in the apartment with me, and he snaps, "Well, I know you've got a lot going on right now, but I'VE got a store to run!" SO RUN IT! What did you do BEFORE I even started working there when you needed people there?! MY HOME IS DESTROYED. MY. HOME. I was, essentially, homeless at that point, but HE'S got a f'king store to run. -eye roll- I told him, "Well, since all my clothing is completely destroyed, except for the clothes on my back that I've been wearing since yesterday (ew ew ew), PLUS I've got to figure out somewhere safe for my pets and me to live right now, I don't know what time I'll be able to come in, so no, I don't think I'll be able to make it today. I'm sorry, but this takes precedence for me." His "solution" was to just come in, find something that fits, don't pay for it, just put it on, do my shift, and then go home. UH, DID YOU MISS THE PART WHERE I SAID I'M F'KING HOMELESS RIGHT NOW, AND MY ELDERLY DOG AND MY CAT ARE GOING TO BE IN WATER AND MOULD UNTIL I CAN FIGURE OUT WHERE WE'RE GOING TO STAY? I just sighed and told him, "Again, I do not think I am going to be able to make it in today, because again, my animals are going to be in mould all day, and I won't do that to them. Again, I have someone from the restoration team that my renter's insurance hired, we're trying to get things figured out so my pets and I have somewhere SAFE to go...." He got pissy and we hung up. A hotel was figured out, I packed what little I could, put my pets, and what little I could salvage into my car, and we went to the hotel, where we stayed FOR TWO MONTHS, then stayed with my nephew and his family for a bit, and then my immediate boss and her husband for a bit, until my housing was figured out, so I could move into a permanent residence again and try to pick up the pieces of my life and move forward. :(
- My anxiety has been playing up, BAD, because of a co-worker who started working there several months ago. Now, I try to give everyone a first chance and in some cases I'll give multiple chances. Whenever this co-worker is around, every cell in my body just SCREAMS, "GET TF AWAY FROM THIS GUY. BAD NEWS, BAD NEWS, BAD NEWS, GO, RUN, LEAVE NOW!" From DAY ONE this person has given off a MAJOR Ted Bundy vibe. As I type this, I'm shaking and feeling like I'm about to cry and be sick.
Now, the way our thrift store operates, donations are to be brought out back and put under the awning to the building so we can bring them in (and the awning is, of course, to prevent the elements from getting on them whilst we're trying to bring everything inside). The evening when everything really started to go downhill, Creepy Co-worker, myself, and one of my most favourite co-workers, EVER, were trying to bring in stuff that this gal brought in, through the front doors - she'd made repeated trips out to her car, and we'd gently told her, "Ma'am, you need to bring this stuff around to the back so it'll be easier to get everything in." Her response was, "I'm sorry, I can't do that..." But... it's "easier" for you to make repeated laps to/from your car, to bring it in the front door... from across the parking lot. Okay...? So, the two co-workers and I decide alright, fine, let's not make a whole federal case out of this, we'll just take the items to the back and into processing, so we can at least store them to be sorted, in the morning. No problem. When I tell you there was a LOT back there, (this was during HIGH Donation Season, in the fall), it was a bit to manoeuver everything back there to keep the walkways clear. (not only would it be a trip hazard to leave the walkways cluttered, it's also per the fire marshall that we have to keep a specific pathway clear in case something were to happen and the fire department has to come out). So, we've got these two flatbed carts PILED with stuff being donated. We're trying to figure how we're going to get these items put away for sorting, in the morning shift hours. I'm the smallest of the three of us, so I start climbing over things to try to clear a pathway where it'd be safest to stash everything, and as I'm climbing over an especially treacherous pile of donations, we're talking and Creepy Co-worker makes a comment that is NOT appropriate to say at work, AT ALL (I won't repeat it, b/c a) it makes my skin crawl just reliving that evening, and b) ... no, it was bad). I almost fed this bucket of boiled garbage a chair, but I caught myself. I'll put it like this: when this person said what he did, I guess my reaction was enough my favourite co-worker was worried about what I was going to do to the person who said what he shouldn't. I didn't, but I did say not to EVER say something like that again, whether on the clock or not, to me, as it was wildly inappropriate, disgusting, and unwelcome. We got the donations put up out of the walkway, finished our shift, and once the store was closed up for the night, we all went our separate ways. At the time, I was staying with my immediate boss (who was off that evening), because I was still displaced. When I got back to her place that evening, I was still quite angry on top of fighting flashbacks and panic attacks. She asked how work went, and I told her what happened with Creepy Co-worker. Her husband was about ten feet away and said, "Oh, that's s3xu@1 h@r@$$m3nt!" My boss just stood there, jaw on the floor, not even sure what to say to me. It was everything I had in me not to fall apart then and there, when I spoke up, because I don't like being overly emotional in front of other people (thanks, toxic parental units growing up, for teaching me that having emotions is BAD! -eyeroll-).
I didn't say anything about it to the higher-ups at that point, because I didn't know HOW to do that, b/c the higher-ups are all MEN. I'M A FEMALE. So, I didn't want it to be dismissed, or whatever.
Over time, when Creepy Co-worker and I happened to be on shift at the same time, his behaviour toward me got more and more unsettling. The way he looks at me, the way he smiles at me, the way he says my name... Listen, y'all, if I were to strip myself down to the marrow of my f'king BONES, I still wouldn't feel clean. :(
A few weeks ago, I finally decided I couldn't take it anymore and I asked my immediate boss if she'd go with me to talk to our boss (the one who'd gotten pissy with me when my apartment flooded in July). I normally like the boss a lot. He's funny, fun to be around, and harmless. Sometimes, he does get at me about stuff that makes it seem like he doesn't give AF about when a person's life is crumbling all around them, because HE'S got a store to run. I'd asked immediate boss to come with me to talk to him, because I figured a witness would be a good idea and he knew that I was staying with her at the time, so I'm certain he knew I'd have told her first, which was absolutely correct, I did.
Anyway, I told him what happened, and I asked him to help me out. He and immediate boss' "solution"? "Well, WE'VE never had a problem with him, but we can keep an eye on him, and we'll keep him away from you." FIRST OF ALL, BULLY TF, FOR YOU, THAT YOU'VE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH HIM! As for that whole "keeping him away" from me bit? NOT ONCE have they even TRIED, except when I DELIBERATELY had to change my availability to an earlier time in the day. I did this for two reasons: the one that's publicly known is the fact that it's difficult for me to see to drive at night, when the weather's bad. I live in Ohio and we get a LOT of weird weather here, especially the rain. I have an astigmatism in BOTH eyes, so trying to see at night, even on foot? It's a whole pain, and I'm not trying to get into another car accident, so screw that. What ISN'T publicly known is the fact that Creepy Co-worker is someone I'm trying to AVOID, and normally he works the closing shift, so I don't want to be there, when he is.
I can't take the nightmares. I have C-PTSD from all of the abuse I've endured (yes, in EVERY sense of that word) when I was growing up and into my early 20s. As a result of the things I've been through, I have nightmares. Some have been bad enough that I've managed to break my wrist ... in my sleep. Yeah, it's THAT bad. I was on a really good medication to help with them, and when things started to even out and I was able to sleep properly again, after a while, I asked my doc to take me off the meds, just to see how I'd do. My dreams don’t really make any sense and I rarely remember them. Well… because of how uncomfortable Creepy Co-worker has made me, now the nightmares have come back. This time, though, instead of seeing my abuser, I see Creepy Co-worker's face. :(
I took two days off in a row, not too long ago, because the first day, the reason I gave was I was fighting a migraine. I didn't have an ACTIVE migraine, mind you, but usually I can feel them coming on before the pain slams me to the ground, so I figured I'd just stay home so I wouldn't have to try to drive with an active migraine kicking my head down my neck. The next day, I'd called off again, stating I still didn't feel great (which was true, but it wasn't PHYSICAL issues, it was MENTAL). I was transferred over to my boss (not immediate boss, but OUR boss), and he told me, "When you come back in, we need to go over your availability, because [store director] 'isn't happy' seeing you're scheduled as off on days and then being written down as here on those days you're scheduled off, etc." I'm thinking, wtf. Y'ALL keep asking ME, on MY days off, if I can come in, so... now I'M getting griped at? More than that, I'M getting griped at b/c I need some space to get my head back on, right BEFORE I go to work again? The Store Director "isn't happy," and somehow that trumps my mental health?! Oh, HELL, no. So, when I went back to work, I again changed my schedule availability to be there instead of noon to four, but now eleven to three, because I shouldn't have to be "docked" ten minutes from my pay because I'm leaving ten minutes early, so as to avoid Creepy Co-worker.
I've been thinking, a lot, about leaving and finding something else to do. I was on my way out the door in October, as I'd found something I could do that would pay a lot more - A LOT more - and I'd be able to do that AND not have my college class load affected negatively, but what would've been my last week there, Bossman begged me - via text - to please, PLEASE stay, just give him "one day a week, any day." So I consented to stay ONE day a week. One day turned into two, and now they’re getting comfortable bugging me to come in, on my days off again.
Recently, I've been asked to come in, on my days off. Alright, fine, fortunately they'd asked me when I wasn't busy with other things I do (I am in school, like I said, plus I do other things, too, in my downtime, so my time TECHNICALLY isn't my own, and I have to be VERY careful with my time-budget)... BOTH F'KING TIMES, Creepy Co-worker was there. First time, I was given by immediate boss an "apology" in which it was stated how "sorry" she was, that she "forgot" Creepy Co-worker was there. W...T...F... How the hell do you "forget" something like that, when you've been there THIS ENTIRE TIME, and you SEE HIM, YOUR ENTIRE SHIFT... But, alright, fine, whatever. I'm already there, I've already signed in, so whatever, I'll just push through it. She told me she'd "keep him away" from me, but... he still managed to be EVERYWHERE tf I was. His job, for context, is that he prices hardlines - so, seasonal items, toys, kitchenware, stuff like that. He is to take the items, price them, put them into a cart, and bring the cart out to the floor, LEAVE THE CART THERE for a floor runner (which is what I do sometimes, and what I was supposed to do that particular day), and go back to the processing area in the back, and do this all over again. Rinse, repeat. It shouldn't be too hard, right? Well, you would certainly think so, but... this guy decides to bring the carts of priced items out to the floor and stay out on the floor and put them up, himself. Normally, it wouldn't be an issue, but since he's the only one there doing the hardlines pricing, it slows him down, and he's been told NUMEROUS times NOT to do that. This particular afternoon, regardless which aisle I was on, HE "had" to be there, too. Usually within a few feet of me, and, nauseatingly and uncomfortably, LESS THAN A FOOT FROM ME. Pandemic aside, BACK OFF. But... he's slimy and can't be asked to NOT keep his disgusting comment to himself (in October), how the hell would he be respectful and NOT be in MY personal space? But, wtf do I know? /shrug
Another day, I was asked, again, to come in, on a day off, and I get there, and yup, HE'S THERE. AGAIN. Boss says, "I'm so sorry, blah blah blah, he wasn't supposed to be here today, blah blah blah" and I just tell her, "It's whatever, I'm here now, so what do you want me to do whilst I'm here?" But I wasn't kind in my tone, because she KNOWS I don't like this person, she KNOWS I am VERY uncomfortable around him, but... okay. Sure, you're going to "keep him away" from me. Right. Got it. Just like the last f'king time, you did a GREAT job doing precisely that (note the sarcasm).
I've been wanting out for some time, and now, I am 100% FOR SURE done. I told her the other day when she came in and we were talking … "Just so we're clear on something going forward: if I EVER get asked to come in on my day off, if I come in and HE'S here, I won't even go all the way into the office to clock in, man. I'll just turn around and nope tf out. That will be the notice you people get from me. I won't bother with a two weeks notice. Eff this place, EFF the burn-out, and most especially, EFF the blatant disregard for my concerns about this person!" She pointed out we hadn’t worked the same shift for some time, and I told her while that's true, the times I've been begged to come in, on my days off, HE'S been here, and the "apologies" I was given, they were done so in a laughing tone. I'm just DONE. I cannot - and should not - be expected to endure the fallout when I get home. I live by myself. It’s just me, my dog, and my cat. I do not have a partner to turn to, when I've been through hell and back when trying to sleep and I finally can wake up from a nasty nightmare. I do not have a partner to turn to, when my anxiety is through the roof. I'm made to feel like garbage when I want to take a day or two off because I just can't take the anxiety and need some f'king space. No, I'm done with the whole lot of this b/s, and you think I'm f'king playing, ask me to come in on a day HE'S here, and you "forgot", or whatever other b/s. That shut her up, but I'm legit DONE with this place.
Fast-forward, to this past Sunday; I was at a leadership meeting that I HAD to attend for something I do in my downtime. A couple days ago, I received a text from a friend of mine, who was also at said leadership meeting, sent out to all of us in attendance, that her grandbaby has tested positive for COVID, and she'd been around him all weekend, so she was sure she'd exposed all of us too. I'm sad for her grandbaby, he's just a little guy, and I do truly hope he feels better soon. On the flipside of that, though... and I do not AT ALL intend to make this sound like I don't give AF about a toddler having COVID, b/c I promise you, I REALLY hope he's better soon .. but I gotta say, y'all... when I TELL YOU the mix of emotions I felt when I got this text. I honestly felt a bit of relief that I will be missing two weeks of work because of quarantine... I decided to text Bossman, "So, I'm on quarantine for the next two weeks, was exposed to COVID." I had been last year, too, during a four-day retreat I was on. That was a scary time, but I was fine, and I'm fine now. I'm not bothered this time about the quarantine, either, because at least now I know for sure I can't be bothered about coming in and risking running into Creepy Co-worker. Bossman does not know about me being relieved about not risking seeing Creepy Co-worker (and pretty sure he wouldn't give a f'k anyway, nor would Bosslady, given how cavalier she was about him being there and asking me to come in even though she "forgot" about him)... Bossman asked me where I was when I was exposed, and I told him during a leadership meeting, someone in attendance was exposed to it, and she exposed the rest of us. I was taken off this week's schedule and I know I won't be put on next week's, either.
A big, BIG part of me wants to text and say, "I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I think it's best I don't come back..." but my conscience is screaming, "Don't do that!" I'm ... I'm stuck, man. I want to give two weeks' notice, as is proper, and I've never ghosted a job before, but ... at the same time? I'm DONE being a mop! I'm DONE being used by perverts for their sick entertainment. I've fought TOO F'KING HARD to try to get past my traumas to be shoved back INTO them again! I'm DONE being treated like I don't matter! I grew up being treated "less than". I'm sick and f'king tired of having my feelings disregarded about not wanting to be around someone who sets off SO MANY alarm bells in my head. I've got to fight, hard, to stay put rather than run screaming the other direction.
Once upon a time, I loved my job and my co-workers. I really did. Now... I'm -thisclose- to having a mental breakdown and I don't know what to do! Last year was AWFUL. COVID scare, then a broken shoulder, then my beloved dying under VERY suspicious circumstances, then homelessness b/c of an apartment flood, then a car accident, and all while trying to just keep pushing myself to work toward my degree, TWO semesters worth of my GPA being in the garbage disposal... I'm just... I can't. I can't do this. SOMETHING'S gotta give, and ... I refuse to give up on school, I REFUSE to give up on all the hard work I've put, not only into school, up to this point, but into trying to heal from my traumas... I just don't know what to do! My bills are all paid for the month, so it won't be like I'll be behind on anything, if I were to leave the thrift store and find something else to do. I'm working on my resume this week and I'm trying to find something I can do from home, especially during the winter months, b/c of where I live. The snow makes for scary driving conditions and I almost died in an accident in 1998, but I'd rather NOT get into another serious accident, thank you quite kindly. Not only that, my car isn't in the greatest of shape, and it's scary to drive in the rain, so if I'm trying to drive on icy/snowy roads, that's even scarier, so... yeah, no, thanks. There are also a few places within walking distance of my current apartment, so it's not like I can't find SOMETHING fairly quickly... I just ... don't know what to do.
TL; DR - I have a creepy co-worker that gives off MAJOR Ted Bundy vibes and my bosses know how I feel about working with him and why I'm wanting to be away from him, but it's being basically treated as though my concerns aren't valid enough to do something to help me out. Also, I don't want to ghost them, but I also don't know how much more I can take before I have a complete breakdown.
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2022.01.16 07:00 abidly Djokovic to be deported from Australia, court rules

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2022.01.16 07:00 ImEliasK Its currently January 16, 2022 at 11:00AMat GMT +2

Its currently January 16, 2022 at 11:00AM at GMT +2
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2022.01.16 07:00 bravo_delta_bot Daily Discussion Thread (1/16/22)

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2022.01.16 07:00 KrultPud 🚀OceanCare🚀 - Next 1000x moonshot - launching now - liquidity locked - 100bnb marketing

🌊🌊🌊OceanCare🌊🌊🌊 🚀STEALTH LAUNCHED TODAY🚀 🤝Welcome to OceanCare, we’re building a community of people who want to help the environment by clearing the oceans🤝 📊Tokenomics📊: 100,000,000,000 Total Supply 90% of tokens burned🔥 15% liquidity fee Liquidity locked for 1 year🔐 Owner Renounced✅ 🌊To show our support to this project, we will donating 2% of all fees directly to ocean cleaning charities! 🔜Roadmap🔜: ✅ - Fairlaunch with strong marketing and build up community to 1000 members ✅ - Listings on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap and more ✅ - Build to 5000 members and start building our very own OceanCare charity organisation ✅ - 10000 members and we will aim to clean 1 ton of ocean waste for every 100$ of tokens bought 🚀STEALTH LAUNCHED TODAY🚀 🤝Welcome to OceanCare, we’re building a community of people who want to help the environment by clearing the oceans🤝 📊Tokenomics📊: 100,000,000,000 Total Supply 90% of tokens burned🔥 15% liquidity fee Liquidity locked for 1 year🔐 Owner Renounced✅ 🌊To show our support to this project, we will donating 2% of all fees directly to ocean cleaning charities! 🔜Roadmap🔜: ✅ - Fairlaunch with strong marketing and build up community to 1000 members ✅ - Listings on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap and more ✅ - Build to 5000 members and start building our very own OceanCare charity organisation ✅ - 10000 members and we will aim to clean 1 ton of ocean waste for every 100$ of tokens bought 🔐Contract : 0x7aE66806EA9F2917334d5Ee4a0f608A06b847FD8 🥞 PancakeSwap (V2) : 👍🏽 Ownership Renounced : 🔒 Liquidity locked :
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2022.01.16 07:00 Foozli This man is mortgaging his house with a kid on the way. Mark the new date in your calendar folks.

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2022.01.16 07:00 wbsgw 29F Scotland looking for long term friends!

I'm here to hoping to find some new long term friends. I already met a couple of good friends through this subreddit so meeting some more would be great. I love finding out about people and hearing their stories :)
I am female, 29 and I live in Scotland. A few things I like are drawing, animals (especially dogs and cats!), being outdoors but equally like being lazy at home. I also enjoy cooking and discovering new recipes. I need to cook a lot in my job so I'm always on the look out for something new to try. A couple of things I'm not into are anime and computer games so I can't talk about them.
I am looking for friendship only please and a starting message that says more than just "hey"..I'll have nothing to reply to if that's all you say. Tell me stuff about yourself like your age, where you live and your interests please!
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