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"Games Cause Violence" | Mortal Kombat 11

2022.01.16 07:39 TheCynicMimic "Games Cause Violence" | Mortal Kombat 11

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2022.01.16 07:39 Cosminion TOTY Central Midfield 2

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2022.01.16 07:39 UnNaMeDPlAyEr10 Content sharing on DnDBeyond?

Hi dndnext! I am trying to get into dnd with dndbeyond and there is a lot of stuff that is locked behind paywalls. I am kind of broke atm so if anyone has a campaign with some of the expansion books please pm me! Thanks so much in advance.
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2022.01.16 07:39 calupict [34F] Some of Notable Collections of Mine

After a Guerlain show and tell last week, I would love to show my notable collection: https://i.imgur.com/6wm6Ppn.jpg

  1. Jean Patou - Joy Opulent scent. It's neither a jasmine or a rose. Imagine an older elegant woman while wearing it at a posh dinner.
  2. Vent Vert Very green scent. If you hate green scent, don't pick this. I think this one is different formula to the original version (Germaine Collier one).
  3. Robert Piguet - Fracas A supposed classic but the scent has changed to previous version (a friend of mine has a decant). More rounder to the previous version due to coconut scent. Subdued perhaps but it's still a scream.
  4. Chloe EDP My "I don't know what I'll wear today". Very safe rose scent.
  5. Chanel no. 19 EDT I always feel that I'm a no. 19 EDT. A more rebel girl than a proper and prim no. 5. More powdery than the EDP who feels harsh on my nose but less powdery than the poudre.
  6. Miss Dior Originale EDT My first perfume was Miss Dior the 80s version. This perfume feels similar but less opulent. At least it's not the nauseating sweet perfume of the current Miss Dior
  7. Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT A more flowery version of Narciso (compared to the EDP that is more powdery).
Thank you for reading my babble.
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2022.01.16 07:39 Aahnns “Sleeping time”(Hina / Hoshino / Neru)

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2022.01.16 07:39 ScorpioDaniel Bong Joon Ho’s Short Films | Director’s Trademarks

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2022.01.16 07:39 money_learner A group of scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory has developed computational quantum algorithms that are capable of efficient and highly accurate simulations of static and dynamic properties of quantum systems

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2022.01.16 07:39 OtherwiseScientist23 Non fatelo

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2022.01.16 07:39 Entire_Helicopter_65 Mid ladder is actually scary.

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2022.01.16 07:39 JordynT0xic What are your thoughts on the WWE 2K22 Cover?

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2022.01.16 07:39 hemptingzbyebye Ily anime bebes 😫❤

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2022.01.16 07:39 Well_In_That_Case_99 Me and my pteranodon

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2022.01.16 07:39 996forever Would you rather be middle class and hot, or rich and average looking?

You can define "middle class" for your country for yourself, and also define "hot" by your own standards.
View Poll
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2022.01.16 07:39 Pupoyr holy shit Italy went ahistorical

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2022.01.16 07:39 cursedcookie032 What country do you think of after hearing any fucked up fact?

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2022.01.16 07:39 62mark 🔟

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2022.01.16 07:39 Wheyprotein200 Someone help me.

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2022.01.16 07:39 cloctor 朝鲜罕有货物列车抵达中国丹东

关于朝鲜的报道图片 © 维基百科 照片

RFI 16/01/2022 小山
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2022.01.16 07:39 Snoo_61458 Cancell Pro and after 2 month reclaim - do you get access to your earlier claimed pro games?

Hi Community,
Maybe a obvious question but could not find the answer on any stadia support page:
- i am considering switching from PRO to normal Stadia subscription for 2 months since i will have busy period coming up
- i have claimed quite a lot of games under my PRO subscription
- after i will subscribe again in March 2022, do i get access again to my earlier PRO claimed games again?
Thanks in advance for your help!!
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2022.01.16 07:39 Lee911123 Everything You Need to Know to Start Mining Monero

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2022.01.16 07:39 ryonx Why is everyone in this show hot?

im simping. especially for jules. she's so hot 😭
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2022.01.16 07:39 Makoto0812 What anime should me and my friend watch?

We already watched HxH naruto dbz death note, jojo, mha, etc
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2022.01.16 07:39 shonenheartt How does someone pull it together at age 27 and turn it around from being a total loser?

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2022.01.16 07:39 format_c_enter help implementing crime mapping workflow with vanilla {django + leafletjs}

TL;DR: need help (workflow opinion) for building a simple crime mapping app.
Long version :
Hi fello devs. I am trying to build a simple crime mapping app for my college project .
requirements is to store basic crime parameters (like crime category, short description, latlong, datetime and convict details) to render them in a map.. with basic things like city dropdown to load from ajax, make entry, etc. etc.
would anyone hint or point me to the right path (workflow) for my use case? Thanks.
P.S. I have basic python|django, OOP, html,js skills. On online search, shows mostly django-leaflet implementation (which Imo is overkill for this,, also its documentation went over my head).. trying to achieve with lesser dependencies.
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2022.01.16 07:39 Ith73 Cool looking Valkyrie finisher

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